Boost CS 1.6

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Price: 120.00 ALL, Service available to AMC and Eagle Mobile customers. Support: | Mobile Payment by

SMS: FOR BSTCS IP:PORT number: 54345
Example: FOR BSTCS

SMS: FOR BSTCS IP:PORT number: 54345

Normal Payments Boost

Add IP:Port in the box below:

* 1.50 EUR (VAT included) - Payment by PayPal!

Information regarding non-stop weekly boost.

-> Weekly Boost is the clasical boost,

-> Players are sent non-stop for a week.

-> It has a strong effect not only during the day but also during the night.

-> Most servers (those that followed the instructions below and that have online admins) will be full non-stop.

Weekly Payments Boost

Add IP:Port in the box below:

* 15 EUR (VAT included) - Payment by PayPal!

Terms of use and instructions


What is Boost?

-> Your server gets added to Boost-CS MasterServer, and gets massive amount of players, something like very strong redirect.

-> There are two Medot Boost.

1. Weekly classic players are sent to the server at any time of the day and night for one week. Weekly Boost is available via PayPal.

2. Normal Duration Max 8h ! When you boost server, its pushed to the top of the boost list, and its there until other boosted servers "push it" out. Normal Boost is available via SMS and PayPal.

Payment methods

1. Payment by PayPal -

-> Add IP: port of the server you want to boost it, click Pay with PayPal, make the payment, then you will see that your server has been added to boost server list. Boost-server to update their systems once every five minutes, so do not worry if you do not get players immediately after payment, wait 5 minutes.

2. Payment by SMS - Powered by

-> Payment by SMS has been implemented, the service is offered by and is extremely easy to use.

-> To boost an SMS server, please read the instructions in the first part of the website (left side, below the header) will choose the country to which you want to send SMS and instructions will be generated automatically. Then send SMS with text key (different for each country, so carefully!) - (TXT or TXT2 or TAP etc) BSTCS followed by IP:PORT.


-> After you send the SMS you will receive a confirmation message:

-> Server was added to our boosting list. Thank you!

-> If you riceve message for wrong ip or ip banned contact support.!

Boost Rules..!

-> Its prohibited to boost servers which have GameMenu hacks that modify default CS options (New Game, Find Servers, Options, Quit)!

-> Its prohibited to boost fake servers which redirect players to some other servers !

-> It is prohibited to boost server that contains auto connect !

-> Servers that change essential game files will be deleted and IP banned !

-> Disobeying boost rules leads to instant IP ban, account ban, all servers you added and removing your server from boost list before boost expires !

---> If you don`t follow this rules your paypal and server will be banned without any refund. Read more

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Weekly Boost IP's - 15 EUR


5 days, 20 hours, 53 min, 19 sec


5 days, 20 hours, 53 min, 28 sec


5 days, 20 hours, 53 min, 53 sec

Normal IP's - 1,50 EUR

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